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  Q.  What is Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc.? A.  Perry Johnson is one of the worlds foremost authorities in Quality.  He has written more than 15 manuals covering topics from Quality Management to Statistical Process Control.  Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. is accredited by ANAB to register clients to TL9000. Q.  What is Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. purpose? A.  Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. will do a physical audit when required.  Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. was involved in the TL9000 initiative from the beginning - being one of a select registrars who participated in the formation of this new standard by becoming a Quest Forum Liaison Member. 
Q.  What is TL9000? A.  TL9000 was created by QuEST Forum back in 1988 - It was built around the ISO 9001 Quality Management System to meet the supply chain quality requirements of the global Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Industry. It is designed specifically for the Communications Industry.  The purpose of TL9000 is to define the unique communications quality system requirements for design, development, production, delivery and service.  The video below explains briefly the importance of TL9000.
Q.  What is QuEST Forum? A.  QuEST Forum is a global association that through it’s members develop and implement quality and performance practices that unite and improve the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) through the use of TL9000.  The video below briefly explains the major points of QuEST Forum. 
This page explains some of the names you’ve seen such as QuEST Forum, ANAB, Perry Johnson Registars and TL9000.  You may be asking yourself what are these and what does that mean for you the consumer.  Having adopted the TL9000 Quality Management System we’ve sought to improve all areas of manufacturing and customer service.  We’ll briefly touch on these subjects below.
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